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Melinda Reeves Cagle

Melinda Reeves Cagle - History of Montgomery County

Texas Heritage Society Journal editor, Melinda Reeves Cagle, is shown here holding her latest contribution to the preservation of Texas history, History of Montgomery County, Texas - Volume II.  The book is a collection of county and family histories relating to Montgomery County, Texas from 1837 to 2009.  History of Montgomery County, Texas - Volume II, was published in 2012 and released in December of 2012.

This beautiful 618 page hardbound history book represents thousands of hours of work on Melinda's part as its editor.  Assisting Melinda Reeves Cagle in this effort were the members of the Montgomery County History Book Committee 2006-2012 which included: Melinda Reeves Cagle, Chair; Ruben Borjas, Jr.; Carrol Dean Cagle, M.D.; Earlayne Chance; Kay Lynn Dawes; Robert Donahoo, Ph.D.; David Frame; Barbara Hamilton; Karen McCann Hett; Frank Johnson; Lynn Keith; Karen Lucas Lawless; Craig Livingston, Ph.D.; Cliff L. May; Gladys May; Melinda May; Carole Lynne O'Neal; Maggie Robinson; Kay Roose; Anna Shepeard; Wanda Smith; Pat Ellen Spackey; Carolyn Terrell; Elsa Vorwerk and Ava Wilson. 

History of Montgomery County, Texas - Volume II, is a publication sponsored by the Montgomery County Genealogical and Historical Society, Inc. and is available for purchase from that organization.

Melinda Reeves Cagle, in addition to her editorial activities at the Texas Heritage Society, is also the editor of the Texas State Genealogical Society Quarterly, Stirpes.  Melinda has won a number of awards as editor of several historical publications by different organizations.   Congratulations, again, Melinda on a job very well done.  The history book is exceptional and looks magnificent.