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Mier Expedition

Texas Heritage Society - Tour of Texas History #3

October 31 & November 1, 2009

   Below are some of the photographs taken by members of the Texas Heritage Society during the Tour of Texas History #3, "The Mier Expedition."  As there are quite a few photographs, please give this page a little time to download.

Antonio Guerra Describes Battle of Mier

Mier historian, Dr. Antonio Guerra, describes the Battle of Mier to members and guests of the Texas Heritage Society.  Dr. Guerra is an attorney in the City of Mier, State of Tamaulipas, Mexico.  The building the THS members are standing in front of on the left side of the photo is one of the buildings defended by the Texans in December 1842.  The monument on the right side of the photo was dedicated to the Mexican soldiers who fought and died in the Battle of Mier.

Site of Battle of Mier

   These two buildings, the grey building on the left side of the picture and the red building on the right side of the picture, were defended by the Texas soldiers during the Battle of Mier.  The Mexican army, under the command of General Ampudia, had placed cannons at the end of the street to prevent the escape of the Texas soldiers.

Texas Heritage Society in Mier

This photograph was taken following a brief ceremony in which flowers were layed by Texas Heritage Society members, David Martin and Kameron Searle.  The card attached read: "In memory of the men who fought and died in the Battle of Mier December 25-26, 1842."

TOUR OF TEXAS HISTORY #3 - "Mier Expedition" - October 30 & 31, 2009

Site of the Battle of Mier 1842 

Photograph courtesy of David L. Martin





The Mier Expedition 


Click here to see some of the photographs taken this weekend, October 30 - November 1, 2009,  at  Mier and Guerrero Viejo.


The Texas Heritage Society is taking a trip to Ciudad Mier, Estado de Tamaulipas, Mexico to learn firsthand about the Mier Expedition and the Black Bean Episode.  This is a rare slice of Texas history that no other historical group in the State of Texas has ever undertaken before.


On Friday October 30, 2009, we drive to La Borde House Hotel at Rio Grande City on the Mexican border.   Dinner at Che's restaurant at the La Borde House hotel that night.


Early Saturday morning, October 31, 2009, guided by Jesus (Chuy) Correa, President of the Chamber of Commerce at nearby Roma, we will cross the border at Rio Grande City and have breakfast at Ciudad Camargo  We will travel to Attorney Antonio Guerra's office, who has many photos of the fight on the walls, for a splendid account in English of the battle at Mier.  If time permits, perhaps he will also tell us a little bit about Fidel Castro's activities in Mier. This was arranged by Chuy Correa with the Mayor of Ciudad Mier  We will visit the museum in Mier, near buildings with bullet holes from the battle, that is usually closed on Saturdays.  Lunch in a local Mier restaurant. 


We will cross the border back to the US at Roma  and visit the historical museum and old plaza where the movie Viva Zapata was filmed.   Drive to Rio Grande City and take a city trolley ride to Robert E. Lee's home and museum and the replica of the Grotto of Lourdes, and other places.   Dinner at La Borde House. 


Sunday morning, November 1, 2009,  travel to  Guerrero Viejo (Old Guerrero) and visit the old city that rose from the water of Lake Falcon when the water level dropped. Escorted by Chuy Correa.   Return to Houston from Lake Falcon or stay another day and visit some more sites.


Everyone must have a passport.  


La Borde House is an historical old hotel where Lady Bird Johnson used to stay. According to the Rio Grande City web page, La Borde House is on the National Register of Historic Places.  Rooms are $69 and $80 for the seven regular hotel rooms at La Borde.  


These seven rooms are all reserved by our group. There are two other smaller rooms with baths they call apartments for $57 a night. Don't know much about them.  


Rio Grand City also has a Holiday Inn


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