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Frank M. Johnson Writes

New History of Montgomery County and

the Confederate States of America

Montgomery County, Texas CSA by Frank M. Johnson

Our own Frank M. Johnson has written and published his first book, Montgomery County CSAMontgomery County CSA is "a definitive history of Montgomery County's involvement in the War Between the States and the men from that county who served in the military of the Confederate States of America." 

Frank Johnson presented a preview copy of his book at the September 19, 2013 general meeting of the Texas Heritage Society. If you had an ancestor from Montgomery County, Texas who fought in the War between the States, you will want to add this book to your history book collection and genealogy collection.  If you are interested in Texas' role in the "War of Northern Agression," this snap shot of one county's involvement in the defense of the South will also be of interest to you.  The book is 238 pages and is now available from both CreateSpace and Amazon.com.