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Drawing the Black Beans

Texas History Stories, Chapter 10, Page 178

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Page 178



Texas History Stories

scarcely had time to dress when they were surrounded

by Mexican soldiers and told that they were prisoners.

   The news soon spread all over the country, and men

came flocking toward San Antonio to drive out the invader.

They assembled under the walls of the Mission Con-

cepcion, about two miles from San Antonio.  Here Gen-

eral Somervell took command and marched against the

city.  When the Texans arrived there they found that

Woll had retreated and taken prisoners with him.

Brothers, sons, fathers, countrymen were prisoners, and

they must be set free.  Santa Anna must be taught to

keep his soldiers at home and to let Texans alone.

   With these thoughts in their breasts, the Texans took

up the line of march for the enemy's country.  The wintry

winds from the bleak prairies howled about their ears.

Many of the men were thinly clad and suffered much

from the cold.  Recent rains had turned the prairies into

an ocean of mud through which they toiled with much


   At last they reached the banks of the Rio Grande, where

the city of Laredo now stands.  Beyond was the land of

the cruel Santa Anna.  The men asked to be led across

the river at once into the enemy's country.  General

Somervell refused and ordered the men to return to their



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