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Drawing the Black Beans

Texas History Stories, Chapter 10, Page 180

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Page 180



Texas History Stories

Without fighting!  Without striking one blow for their

country's honor!  Without making one effort to release

the unhappy prisoners!  Was it for this they suffered on

their long, wearisome march?  It should not be so.

   Three hundred of them refused to go home.  They

chose Colonel William S. Fisher as their leader and

marched down the Rio Grande till they came to the Mexi-

can town of Mier.  Here they found the Mexican general,

Ampudia, ready to recieve them.

   Though he had ten men to their one, the Texans made

up their minds to fight him.  Here was their chance. Now

they would teach Santa Anna his lesson; they would show

him what it meant to interfere with the rights of Texans.

   The night before Christmas Colonel Fisher decided to

attack the town.  The night was pitch dark and a driz-

zling rain was falling.  The men were wet to the skin and

it was all they could do to keep their powder dry.  Most

of the night was spent in trying to find a place to cross the

river.  there were two fords not far away, but they were

closely guarded by the enemy.

   At last a crossing was found, and the little army took up

its march.  Silently, one by one, they clambered down the

steep bank and waded through the dark waters.  They had

scarcely reached the other side when they were set upon

by a body of Mexicans.  "Let them have it, boys,"


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