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Philip Nolan Research Center

March 26, 2011

The Texas Heritage Society in a joint venture with the Johnson County Historical Commission and Johnson County, Texas have established the Philip Nolan Research Center in the Johnson County courthouse in Cleburne, Texas. 

On Saturday, March 26, 2011, a brief ceremony was held at the Johnson County courthouse.

Johnson County Courthouse - Home of Philip Nolan Research Center

Hewitt Clark Donates Books to Philip Nolan Research Center

Some of the 350 Books Donated by Texas Heritage Society Members: Mary Alice Williams and Hewitt Clarke. Left to Right: Attorney Charles Lummus, THS Vice President Hewitt Clarke, and Johnson County Judge Roger Harmon.

Our most recent Tour of Texas took us to Cleburne, Texas where steps were taken to further the development of the Philip Nolan Research Center. 

Historians Gather at Philip Nolan Research Center

Following the ceremony, archeological exploration was conducted with metal detectors at two different locations where the battle, which took the life of Philip Nolan in 1801, may have occurred.

Chuck Lummus Reads Philip Nolan Histories for Archeological Clues

Metal Detectors Used to Locate Site of 1801 Battle and Burial of Nolan